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Challenging times call for renowned focus on your business while partnering with us to take care of your web technology needs. Keep an eye on your bottom line while we do routine maintainenance on your web site and run your hosting & email for only $19/month.

30 day Money Back Guarantee!

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We will migrate your site!

Our engineers will migrate your web site from your existing host to your new Intertune hosting account at no charge.

The Patriot Plan

Only $19/month includes:


Web Site Maintenance

Whether you are using Wordpress or have a simple HTML web site, our engineers will be able to update any text changes on your site within 24 hours. Simply supply us the changes and text you want to modify and we will get it done. If you are using Wordpress, we will be able to manage routine tasks for you such as security updates, plugin installations, theme changes and more. One hour per month included in The Patriot Plan. Changes beyond one hour per month are billed at $40/hour. Graphic and advanced programming changes will be priced on a per project basis. Technical support is free and doesn't count toward your hour of web maintenance per month.


Web Hosting

The Patriot Plan comes with the latest and greatest in technology infrastructure. This includes up to 10 GB of space for your web and email. This also includes an unlimited number of email addresses. Also we can fully manage your email additions/removals, just ask us to make a change and we will do it.



Have you ever had your web site hacked because of an insecure Wordpress plugin or other vulnerability? Don't worry about it anymore. We have auto-protection for malware so that your site stays safe. We also provide a free security certificate (SSL) so that communication over your site is encrypted. We also have you covered with free site restores from our backups in case you need.



Easily connect via live chat or email our support team 24/7/365. We pride ourselves on responding to support cases in under 20 minutes and can be engaged immediately via live chat, whenever. Technical support is free and doesn't count toward your hour of web maintenance per month.

The Patriot Plan Faq

Simple Questions


How do I sign up?

New customers can go to our sign up form or if you have an existing account login to your existing Intertune control panel account and you will see your eligible domains to upgrade in a popup box after you login.


How much does it cost?

The Patriot Plan is only $19/month with no long term commitments. If you are not satisfied with our service within 30 days we will provide you a full refund.


Are there any long term commitments or hidden fees?

No long term commitments and no hidden fees. You get 1 hour of basic web maintenance which could be text changes on your web site or Wordpress site per month. Anything beyond 1 hour is $40/hour billed in 15 minute increments. If you require changes that need advanced programming or graphic design, we'll price that out for you on a per project basis. Technical support is free and doesn't count toward your hour of web maintenance per month.


How do I request changes to my web site?

All you have to do is login to your Intertune control panel and create a support case with the change you are requesting.


Does the security certificate use my own domain? Will it show my site as secure?

The security certificate will use your own fully qualified domain name. For example if your domain name is, your customers going to will see a lock in their browser indicating your site is secure. You may use some of your hour for maintenance to have us ensure all your pages load securely.


What happens if I don't use my one hour of maintenance in a month?

The hour must be used in the month between your billing dates or else it will expire. As long as the request to make changes comes within the billing period we will apply the time accordingly.


What if I require more maintenance than the one hour that comes with my plan in a month?

Additional time beyond the included hour in The Patriot Plan is billed at a rate of $40/hour in 15 minute increments. You will be notified if you are going over your time and will need to authorize the additional work so there won't be any surprise charges.


How do your backups work?

We backup your site daily for 7 days. Should anything need to be restored from backup, our engineers will do that for you at no cost.


I'm interested in more than just web hosting and maintenance. Are you planning on offering digital marketing, IT support, etc. in the future?

We hear you and are working hard to get The Patriot Plan to a place where it could take care of everything on the technology and digital side for you.


Do you provide domain registration?

Yes. If you need a domain name you can use our domain registration system after you create your hosting account by logging into your Intertune control panel and going to 'Add Services'. There will be a separate fee for domain registration and it is dependent on the type of name you want and how long you want to register it.